Mobilizing Genomic Data to Enable Precision Medicine

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Our Mission

At Annai Systems, we understand that the ability to convert data to knowledge is critical. Therefore, we made it our mission to develop software solutions that enable customers to harness the power of genomic data. Our solutions leverage cutting edge technologies and industry best practices to deliver big data analytics and management. Our goal is to allow our customers to focus on the science and let us take care of the technology.  The time is now. Join us as we move forward to set new standards.

Our Solution

Analyzing genomic data like germline variants from thousands of patients is a true Big Data problem requiring specialized technologies and expertise. Many organizations have underestimated the scale of the challenge, resulting in inflated budgets and late deliveries. To address this, Annai developed the Levo platform, an end to end solution that allows customers to elevate understanding in the pursuit of precision medicine by combining private and publicly-available datasets in a way that minimizes costly infrastructure investments and technology-related research delays.